Towards a peaceful world, fast and high-quality legal services.


Lawely is a new kind of legal service that makes the advice of lawyers and other experts
in various areas of law available to everyone via email and phone.



We want to lower the threshold for using a lawyer. Legal problems are perceived as complex and difficult – and they often are. At Lawely, we want to make legal matters simple and easy for you to take care of.

The idea behind our activities is that the world should agree more and argue less. We
always want to be one step ahead and keep legal services in line with the general
development of society.



As our customer, you can ask a lawyer as many questions as you want, at a fixed monthly price. We’ll take on your case immediately, and not when the lawyer’s calendar allows it. On your behalf, we also handle any broader assignments that require legal consultation.

We want to make dealing with legal matters easy, which is why we brought professionals from all areas of law under the same roof. Our operations are based on a wide network of lawyers and other experts. On behalf of our customers, we find the most suitable and qualified lawyer for their issue. We make sure that your issue is taken care of.

Our core values are courage and transparency, agility and the desire to renew.


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