We do not have
expensive oak tables.
Instead, we give
good advice.

We do not own expensive premises. Instead, we created an online service. We want to
build a world where everyone has the opportunity to ask a lawyer even small questions,
even on a daily basis, and without fearing large bills. Our annual fee is lower than the
average hourly rate of a top lawyer.

For a monthly price, you can ask a lawyer for advice in all areas of law. Additional services
not included in the monthly price are agreed separately with the customer. The customer
always knows the prices of the services in advance. This way, there are no nasty surprises
come invoicing time.

When you ask about things in good time, issues have no time to escalate. When you get
support to settle things in advance, you do not have to argue about them afterwards.

People rarely benefit from an argument, except lawyers who prolong it.


29,90 €/kk


The first year is fixed-term (€350), and after that the customer relationship will automatically be valid indefinitely. Price for businesses: VAT 0% and price for consumers incl. VAT

The price includes a lawyer, whom you can approach anytime via email and phone to ask questions.


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Our services


We can assist you in all legal matters in any area of law.

  • The company’s financial problems

    We give assistance in applying for company funding, bankruptcy applications, debt restructuring, co-operation negotiations, layoffs and other crisis situations of the company.

    Prices from 200+VAT.

  • Acquisitions and changes of ownership

    We can map all existing contracts and associated risks on your behalf. We can assess the value of your company and create a comprehensive plan for the restructuring operation.

    Prices from 1000+VAT.

  • Human resources management and labour relations in the company

    We draw up employment contracts, directors’ and shareholders’ agreements and assist in co-operation negotiations, layoffs and all kinds of workplace disputes.

    Prices from 100+VAT.

  • Taxation of the business

    We give assistance in all business-related tax matters, such as dividends, changes of ownership, VAT and income taxation.

    Prices from 500+VAT.

  • Establishing a company / Start-ups

    We help with all issues related to starting a business. Let’s keep your company fit for sale from the day it is founded.

    Prices from 150+VAT.

  • Company secrecy and data protection

    We will draw up non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements on your behalf. We also assist companies in matters related to data protection and information security.

    Prices from 300+VAT.

  • Auditing the company

    We will conduct a thorough analysis of your company. We will map the risks that the company is facing, and draw up a clear action plan to remedy them.

    Prices from 1500+VAT.

  • Real estate law

    We can handle on your behalf documents related to the formation of a housing association, land right matters, drawing up of sales contracts, and housing and real estate disputes.

    Prices from 500+VAT.

  • Debt and guarantee arrangements and insurance indemnity claims

    On your behalf, we handle company funding applications, collateral arrangements, indemnity claims and other business related documents.

    Prices from 200+VAT.

  • Criminal law

    We assist you in small and large cases related to criminal law.

    Prices from 200+VAT.

  • Family law

    We prepare family law documents such as wills, estate inventory deeds and marriage contracts. We ensure that family law solutions are tax-efficient.

    Prices from 100+VAT.

  • Contract law

    We plan and prepare contracts and other legal documents that meet your needs on your behalf.

    Prices from 90+VAT.