Come with us to build a world of reconciliation and equal legal services.


Lawely is a new kind of legal service that makes the advice of the best lawyers in various areas of law equally available to everyone through the Internet, chat and mobile devices.

We have high criteria for the competence of the lawyers associated with Lawely, and we evaluate their fulfilment in customer work. It is also good to specialise in various areas of law, from contract law to criminal law.

We continuously train our lawyers and actively share the latest information and expertise among Lawely lawyers. We make it easy for people to ask for advice on small issues so that they don’t have time to escalate. We believe it is better for everyone to agree on things in advance, so that there is no need to argue about them afterwards.

By joining, you ensure that more and more people around Finland have access to your expertise. As Lawely’s lawyer, you serve customers wherever and whenever you want, for example, alongside your own legal practice.

Lawely’s lawyers serve both companies and consumers. Broader assignments that require consultation can be performed with clear package pricing.


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